Sensium is a discreet, wearable, wireless system for monitoring vital signs of patients outside of high acuity areas. By using a light comfortable patch worn on the patients chest, Sensium accurately and reliably monitors and reports heart rate, respiration rate and axillary temperature providing data every two minutes. By notifying clinicians of changes in patients’ vital signs, Sensium brings the nurse to the deteriorating patient.

The Sensium system is intended for use in low acuity wards for hospital inpatients who are currently not on automated monitoring but who are at risk of deterioration. This includes patients on general wards, post-operative med/surg. wards and patients waiting before and after treatment in Accident and Emergency departments.

The Sensium bridges are connected into the hospital IT system and the Sensium Link software installed on the hospital network allows patient data to be seamlessly conveyed to clinical staff where and when they need it most. The Sensium system allows patients to ambulate freely, untethered to static and expensive equipment, whilst still having the reassurance of continuous monitoring.

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Technical Specifications

• Vital Signs every 2 minutes: – Heart Rate (+/- 2 bpm) – Respiration Rate (+/- 2 brpm) – Temperature (axilla) (+/- 0.2°C +/- 0.4°F)

• 5 day battery life

• 3 hours data storage when out of system range

• Uses standard ECG electrodes

• Wireless Patch frequency: 915Mhz (US) / 868Mhz (EU)

• Wireless range: 10m los

• Showerproof (IP54)

• Light weight and comfortable

• Connection to hospital network:

– Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g

– Ethernet

• Connection to Patch via Ultra-low power wireless

• Power supply: Power over Ethernet

• Maximum Patches per Bridge: 16

• Maximum Bridges per network: 600

• User interface for hospital clinicians

• Links patient data to Sensium® Patch

• Notifications set up and managed to fit existing workflow

• Up to 360 active Patches

• FDA 510(k)

• CE Marking

• HIPAA compliant

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