SensorDot is a sensor intended for those interested in building their own wearable health application but frustrated by the lack of tools that can record high quality vital signs. It is the size of a quarter and it offers multiple possibilities for prevention, prediction, and personalized care applications.

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Technical Specifications


Photoplethysmogram Yes
Photoplethysmography frontend Resolution: 22 bit

Data rate: 125 sps

Wavelengths: Infrared: 950 nm Red: 660 nm Green: 530 nm

Electrocardiogram Yes
Respiration Yes
Motion Yes
Inertial measurement unit Resolution 16 bit

Data rate: 250 sps

3-axial accelerometer

3-axial gyroscope

3-axial magnetometer

Electrodermal Activity Yes
Electromyogram Yes
Wireless conectivity Bluetooth low energy
Capacity Flash Memory: 2 Gb
Biopotential Amplifier Resolution: 24 bit

Sensitivity: 10 uV

Data rate: max. 1000 sps

Bioimpedance Amplifier Resolution: 24 bit

Data rate: 250 sps



Size Height: 7.5 mm (0.3 inches)

Width: 33.5 mm (1.32 inches)

Depth: 24.4 mm (0.96 inches)

Weight 5 grams
Battery 65 mAh

Modular Kit – Choose the number of Sensor Dots Starting at €900

Exploration Kit – The comprehensive set with 5 Sensor Dots €2500



Wireless conectivity Bluetooth low energy

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Is it a Medical Device?

How will it fit into my practice?

Who can use it? Which patients will benefit most of it?

Is clinical proof available?


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