The Eko Core Digital Stethoscope: Overview

Eko Core delivers loud, clear heart and lung sounds and simple software support when you need it. Or, toggle it off to return to the acoustic sound you already know.

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Technical Specifications



Heart sounds

(and one lead-ECG with the “EKO-ECG” device)



Visualize and listen to heart or lung sounds with confidence using the Eko App, available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Safely share or live stream sounds for a second-opinion, or save the data for future reference.

Bluetooth to mobile phone or laptop.







40x digital amplification
4000Hz sample rate
20Hz – 2kHz frequency response
.WAV file format


Compatible adaptors for most large and small-tube stethoscopes.
Validated testing for 3M Littmann Cardiology II/III/IV, WelchAllyn Harvey Elite, Medline and ADC analog stethoscopes. Not compatible with sprague stethoscopes or other digital stethoscopes.



Also available: EKO Stethoscope with One-Lead EKG

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Is it a Medical Device?

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Who can use it? Which patients will benefit most of it?

Is clinical proof available?


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