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MocaHeart: Overview

MOCAheart is the all-in-one smart heart tracker that measures heart rate, blood oxygen, and pulse wave velocity with a quick scan of your thumbs.

The speed at which blood travels through the vessels is your pulse wave velocity (PWV), an important indicator of cardiovascular health correlated to your vascular status. Higher PWV can be a sign of arterial stiffness and/or high blood pressure, which increases your risk of developing other cardiovascular events, but can be improved through lifestyle changes, such as exercise and diet.

MOCAheart measures your pulse wave velocity using its EKG and PPG sensors, and gives you an easy understanding of whether your PWV is in a healthy range using the Blood Velocity Index (MOCA Index). Combined with heart rate and blood oxygen measurements provided by MOCAheart in just 25 seconds, you’ll receive a holistic view of your heart health and by taking regular measurements, you can track how it improves over time.

The MOCAheart app makes it easy to share your heart data with your doctor and loved ones, giving them reassurance and peace of mind. You can also send messages, pictures and audio clips to accompany your measurements.

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Technical Specifications

Heart rate (via photoplethysmography)

Pulse wave velocity (via photoplethysmography)

Place thumb on device, wait 25 seconds.

Bluetooth 4.0 / BLE  (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Dimension: 71.5 x 7.05 x 36 mm Weight: 20 grams

MOCAheart is not waterproof; do not expose the device to water or any liquids.

Up to 3 days with regular use (3-5 measurements per day); recharges in 60-70 minutes with a micro USB cable (included).

 Made of medical-grade stainless steel. Which means it not only looks great, but also feels incredible in your hand and is unlikely to cause any skin allergies.
Compatibility – Apple devices with iOS 8 or later and Bluetooth 4.0 BLE or later; Android app is available in Google Play Store.


FAQs (under construction)

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