Cardiomatics: Overview

Cardiomatics is a cloud-driven tool for ECG analysis. Cardiomatics’ algorithms will turn raw ECG signal into valuable analysis.

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Technical Specifications


Cardiomatics’ algorithms are divided into modules, which may be used independently of each other. Choose either a simple, user-friendly report or full clinical report.

Cardiomatics’ service uses global HIPAA compliant services which guarantee safety and accessibility from anywhere in the world. API is scalable and ready to be integrated with your solutions.

Cardiomatics’ algorithms meet the standard ANSI/AAMI EC57: 2012 and have been validated both on MIT BIH arrhythmia databases and on clinical data.

The effectiveness of our algorithms has been verified on benchmark database developed by Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital and MIT.

93% Sensitivity of Cardiomatics for atrial fibrillation detection on MIT-BIH database.



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